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Best bets to make on the casino floor

Best bets to make on the casino floor


Sometimes shiny new bets make their way to the casino floor. Blackjack isn’t just Blackjack anymore. Now you can bet on a multitude of different options that allow you to make an extra jackpot, but the question remains: is it worth it? Not all bets that are available on the casino floor are good for the casino patron to make. In fact, most if not all have a negative advantage to them (unless you count cards).

Here are the best bets to make on the casino floor, based on percentage to win versus the house’s edge:

Put It On Odds

Craps Table, Chips Piles and People Gambling all AroundThe (arguably) best bet you can make at the casino is the odds bet in craps. This has a 0% house advantage, but it has a caveat, so let me explain the game first.

Craps is a dice game where, depending on whether you want to play with or against the others at the table,  you try to roll two dice to land on a certain combination of numbers. When your numbers hit, you make money.

Simple, isn’t it? Not exactly.

As we hinted earlier, you can either play with the rest of the table which means you’re usually betting against the seven, or you can play the “dark side”, betting for the seven to come. Let’s say in the initial roll, you’ve placed a bet on the pass line.

This would be the only time you’d want a seven to roll as this would double your money. If you make it past the initial or come out roll, you can now place odds on your pass line bet which has a 1.41% house edge. The dealers at the table will usually help you with this as long as you let them know you want to put odds on your pass line bet. Now all you have to do is hit your number again and voila, you make profit!


Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play in any casino. Why do they make it so easy? So you can spend more time and money at the table. The dealer will deal you and the other players two cards (face up or face down depending on which table you’re at). They’ll deal themselves two cards with one face up and one down. The point is to make your cards add up to or less than 21. If you go over 21, you automatically lose your bet and you have to wait until the next round (usually only takes a minute or less at a full table).

There is an optimal strategy that you can actually download and print out onto a small card which can be kept at the table. You can also find these strategy cards in gift shops in just about every casino. This strategy will allow you to get the house’s edge down between 0.5%! With that small of an edge, you can bet with confidence knowing that you will lose an average of half a cent for every dollar wagered over the long run.

Bet On The Bank

One of the best bets you can make in most casinos is going to be the banker bet in Baccarat. With a house edge of 1.06% (according to Wizard of Odds), it’s easy to see why this is a moneymaker.

According to Wikipedia, Baccarat’s “name and rules suggest it may have been brought over by sailors returning from Asia where similar card games have been played since the early 17th century such as San zhang, Oicho-Kabu, and Gabo japgi.[17] Macao appeared in Europe at the end of the 18th century and was popular for all classes. Its notoriety led to King Victor-Amadeus III banning it in all his realms in 1788.”

Maybe the reason why it’s a lot of people’s favorite game is its easy to play and easy to make money with.


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