Limelight Open Mic Night – 07/27/16

Limelight Open Mic Night 07/27/2016

A couple hours ago, I covered the wake for Alan Weinkrantz. Today started off sad, yet beautiful.

Earlier in the previous week, I had made plans with Joseph Devine (Bitforce) to cover his new event at Limelight, a poppin’ local music venue and bar near downtown San Antonio. The event he just started is an open mic night which is streamed on Facebook via the new live streaming function and he had a great turnout.

First up, I caught this duo that covered a Judas Priest song called “Before the Dawn”. These guys nailed it pretty well, although you could tell they were a little nervous. Then again, who isn’t, especially when it’s bare bones singing and acoustic guitar. Nothing is there to really mask any errors, which to me, makes for great performances.

Next up was a foursome of local boys known as Lunar Cowboy. Acoustic guitar, bass and key tar in hand, they threw down a mix of new and old school covers with one original song sprinkled in for good measure. They covered the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit song Have You Ever Seen The Rain, but in this video I chose to focus on Del Shannon’s Runaway because it’s a classic.

This next guy’s name is Matthew Dehoyos who fronts the band, Sourtown here in San Antonio. His voice is reminiscent of Chino Moreno (Deftones). When you hear him with Sourtown, you’ll hear more of a new-school metal voice, much like Seether, Crossfade and the like. The guy can play some guitar too, take a look at what I mean:

Ob by Bryant was the only hip hop artist taking the stage for the night. He had some really deep, bassy beats backing his voice during his performance. Ob (pronounced Oh-Bee) sings about some real life experiences, partying and overcoming adversity. It may sound cliche, but he lives through his lyrics and puts it all on the table for your entertainment.

Closing out the night was a swooner by the name of Chris Roque. He brought his acoustic guitar and shared some songs that mean the world to him. Mainly covers, Chris softly sang about love lost, fun times and optimism. The Slackers are a big influence on him, as you can tell from this cover of Come Back Baby he performed tonight:

Just wanted to take a moment to thank Joseph Devine for putting the effort into orchestrating such a night of fun and interesting characters. Also, shoutout to Limelight for allowing him to host it every Monday night from 10:00pm-2:00am.

The scene is growing back slowly but surely. I feel like it needs more open mic nights and events to support its recovery, but this is a great start. People need to come out to enjoy these nights so the community and music scene can thrive like it once did a decade or so ago.

Signing off…

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