Yeehaw! The Thirsty Horse Grand Opening

Thirsty Horse Grand Opening - J. Abram Band - 06/29/2016

Sorry if I offended any horses, cowboys or reverse cowgirls in the title of this post.

Gee golly whiz, tonight was insane, but in an amazing way.

Tonight, the Thirsty Horse Saloon had a grand opening ceremony that brought out all walks of life. The promotion for the night was free beer. Excuse me, I meant FREE BEER! From 7:00pm-9:00pm they were giving free beer to the masses which explained why I had to park about a quarter mile away from the venue.

Thirsty Horse Grand Opening 06/29/2016People came in droves to drink, dance and have a gay old time within the confines of the dancehall. Every two or three steps, I would be stopped by a new group of people wanting their picture taken. Of course, I obliged every time and did my best to capture the lifeblood the event.

Taking the stage right at 7:00pm sharp was J. Abram, a country band with some attitude. They played all sorts of classic country cover songs and surprised everyone with how good their original material was. I’m not normally one to kick my feet up on the dash and get down to some Waylon Jennings, but I was impressed with their gusto on stage and each instrumentalist’s technical proficiency.

One of the things that surprised me was their bassist, Clifton Wright had his own slap bass solo which brought some funk and jazz elements to the table. Glenn Shankle was tearing up the keys, Josh Byrd was handling the lead guitar, Jonathan Medina had the vocals and acoustic guitar on lock and their drummer kept them all on point.


Because the band was rocking so hard, the dance floor was filled to max capacity with boots, fresh  nail polish, tight jeans, Stetsons and various leather accessories.

Thirsty Horse Grand Opening 06/29/2016

Needless to say, tonight was a huge success for the bar and I’m interested to see what other crazy fun events the Thirsty Horse will bring to San Antonio.

Signing off…

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