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A Good Rogering at Zombies Bar & Live Music Venue San Antonio, Texas 07/04/2016

Keeping with the zombie trend that has swamped our nation over the past few years, this post will be about zombies. No, seriously, it’s about Zombies which is a bar and live music venue in San Antonio, Texas.

Legend has it, the owner Steve Freeman is a zombie in disguise. You’d never be able to tell cause the guy’s a big teddy bear. And with sharp claws comes sharp responsibility. Steve and his wife, Toni Torres run the venue to a T, making sure local bands are heard and respected.

As you may have already guessed, the main theme that lies within its doors is zombies with a splash of blood, guts and death. Televisions laced across the venue display horror flicks of yesteryear and some new school, action-packed gore fests a la Kill Bill Volumes I & II.

It’s a fun venue to play too. The stage is the perfect size for a small orchestra to fit on, it’s well lit, the audio equipment is state of the art and the programmed light show is great.

On this particular evening, a warm breeze (might have been a fart) from Austin brought the guys from A Good Rogering down to light the stage on fire with such eclectic hits as Care for a Rat in the Face?, Lifeblood, and my personal favorite Caveman Angry. With lyrics like “Eat, fuck, kill”, how could one not enjoy the experience that comes with watching A Good Rogering take place?

As you can tell from the video below, these guys love America so much that they put their own metal spin on South Park creators’ (Matt Stone and Trey Parker) song, Team America (F&#$ Yeah!):

Their drummer, Rom Gov was on point as well. Rom is a studio drummer who primarily plays in Seek Irony with his brother, Kfir (pronounced “Fear”). Check out Rom’s amazing drum solo at Zombies:

Here’s a couple more songs from these freeloaders entitled Care for a rat in the face? and Born to follow:

After the sweat, blood and other bodily fluids were cleaned off the stage, Anonymous Henchmen took over and kept the energy going. A mix of old and new metal, these guys certainly proved this wasn’t their first rodeo. You might hear a little bit of Crossfade, Disturbed and Glassjaw in their music, or you may not. You might also think that’s Josh Homme fronting the band. It’s not. Take a listen to their songs Bombs Away and Philo(Sophist) below:

Good ol’ Zombies Bar never disappoints with the talent they conjure up to grace their stage. It’s definitely a bar and venue everyone in San Antonio should experience once, if not just for their Zombie shot – cheers!

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